Welcome to the Academic Upgrading Faculty Information Moodle site. This site was created as a place to store and access documents and resources of interest to our department. I'm hoping Moodle will make things a bit more accessible since things like the shared drive are a bit clumsy to use when off campus.

For now, the plan is to house things like (listed in order of priority):

  • Most current version of all ACDU course outlines. (most recently articulated)
  • ACDU meeting agendas (minutes if someone would like to volunteer to keep rough minutes)
  • Working group documents that may be of interest. One document I can think of at the moment is the math textbook list kept by the mathematics working group. Also, things like working group agendas and minutes may be of interest.
  • Course related material you would like to share. (eventually)
  • I'm sure we can come up with more...

Initially, I would like to leave this as a posting site with one, maybe two editing administrators. Eventually everyone in the group can be given editing rights and it may turn into a place to share resources as well.


Dino Gigliotti